PRS ML1380H BLACK X White Grey - Collegemoccassin
PRS ML1380H BLACK X White Grey - Collegemoccassin


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  • Leather upper
  • Presot leather sole, with non-slip rubber injection with exclusive X design
  • Painting done by hand with the shoe already assembled
  • Hand-stitched tray
  • Made in Italy
  • Comfortable fit

Like the traditional College loafers of the 1980s, the College moccasins are produced by Italian artisans and made with selected high quality materials.
The tray is patiently sewn and hand-knotted.

The leather is brushed by hand, to highlight the deep shades of the material and make each pair unique as is the painting, always done by hand and with the shoe already assembled.
The leather of the sole is tanned with vegetable tannins (chestnut, quebracho and mimosa) and the Presot tannery that produces it is an example of attention to sustainability and the circular economy.